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"I've been training Krav Maga at Total Submission for about the past 3 years. I elected to do all private lessons to speed my progression and lower my risk of getting hurt (I'm 43). The private lessons have been fantastic. They are extremely competitively priced. The school is well run and the private lessons consist of Geoff (the head instructor) and one other instructor.  This allows me to practice the techniques over and over again on someone while Geoff watches. Where else are you going to get that??? It's admirable that Geoff has dedicated his life to Krav Maga and self-defense. Because of this he is constantly searching for new techniques as well as ways to improve and perfect the old ones. "

-Matt B.

In prepping to go film in the Middle East, I was directed to Geoff and TSF Self Defense Systems. I had a short time span in which we created a program that combined private training with group training. I quickly learned the basics, threat assessment and de-escalation options. As a woman, this form of defense tactics is practical, realistic and easily applied. Every woman would benefit from this training, especially teenage and college women. If women were to train with TSF, I believe that confidence would increase; domestic violence and rape would decrease. Geoff’s training and instructions are clear, concise and thorough. He explains the logic behind the moves as well as the mechanics, providing an immersed comprehension. Geoff cares about the reason(s) and the purpose behind your training and he is committed to teaching techniques that can save your life. 

-Sophia O, Founder of the Hope Project

"I have been training with Geoff and his team for a little more than a year now. The strength of TSF is that the program combines the real world self-defense techniques of Krav Maga with the best street skills of other martial arts. Geoff has a long history and extensive experience in the mixed martial arts world. He is continually refining techniques and skills through his knowledge of the mechanics and physiology of modern fight science. Best of all, he explains why things work and more importantly, why some don’t.

The dojo is well equipped, spacious and well maintained and the training environment is both casual and fun while also serious enough for training in self-defense skills.

I researched many places before coming to TSF and found none that compared. The atmosphere is relaxed enough to feel at ease , the skills taught are real world focused and the cadre is experienced, understanding of different skill levels and have high expectations of their students.

-Dave G.

"Not having done any formal martial arts or self-defense training, going into a training center for the first time a complete novice can be quite nerve-racking. However, the instructors at TSF Self Defense Systems made me feel welcome from the moment I walked in the door. After observing a Krav Maga class I was hooked, not only by the technique but by how it was taught and adapted for each student. The atmosphere at TSF is laid back, but all the instruction given reaches the students and being able to work with students of various levels in Krav, I find, really helps to embed the techniques. Every class focuses on a different set of scenarios and while this may seem daunting, you quickly realize how the different techniques tie-in together. If you are looking for a place with a great atmosphere to learn self-defense, TSF Self Defense Systems is the training center for you!"

-Dustin S.

"I’ve been training with TSF Self Defense Systems for over 5 years now. Geoff and the rest of the crew are outstanding in providing me with the knowledge and training to be able to defend myself and my loved ones in a calm and efficient way. I know in any situation I would be able to handle myself and anyone else in a safe and productive way, neutralizing any threat. TSF is also just more than classes and training. They provide you with the tools you need but they’re also a great group that knows how to engage the learner and I can’t imagine training anywhere else.

Thanks TSF Self Defense Systems!"

-James D.

"WARNING!!! Your time and money can be better spent…HERE! I first learned of Krav Maga after reading an article on various self-defense techniques and everything about it just seemed right for me. I’d trained for a bit in another style of martial art a number of years ago but found the strict memorization of forms and katas to be ineffective for me and my schedule. I’m not stating that formal martial arts training is bad; I’m simply saying that with the multiple disciplines available something seems to be lacking…FUN!

After learning of Krav I at least wanted to give it a try so I did a ‘Net search and came across Total Submission Fighting here in Phoenix. Fast-forward, I've been coming for a number of months now and with the recent expansion of their training studio, it’s only gotten better without any fundamental changes in pricing or schedules. TSF is family-owned and operated which makes for a great culture. There are no egos here and, if you enter with one, you’ll soon learn that you can leave that at the door when you come to train. Everyone, from all ages and skill levels, is made to feel welcome and it’s a great confidence builder for anyone unsure of their athletic abilities. The instructors, all of them, are absolutely fantastic and happily take a lot of hits and bruises in order to be certain that we’re doing things right. The methods of  Krav are realistic and easily practiced outside of class and that keeps things practical and interesting for everyone who gives it a go.
So, if you’re looking for a regimen that blends aerobics, strength training, body-awareness, and self-defense then you’d be missing out if you didn't come to meet and train with the folks at Total Submission Fighting."

-Doug B.

My 12 year-old son has been taking private classes at TSF for a few months now. I have been very happy with the staff, facility and the curriculum. Geoff and James are very knowledgeable and patient - great qualities for instructors. They have a knack for taking complex techniques and breaking them down so it's easily understood. They have gone out of their way to make my son (who is autistic) feel comfortable with his training, and his self-confidence is going up as a result of the time spent under their guidance. Classes move at a comfortable pace in line with my son's abilities. I look forward to seeing my son grow and mature while learning valuable self defense skills under Geoff's instruction. If you are looking for quality instruction from people with real-world experience than look no further than TSF! 

-George T

I was looking for Martial classes for my son who was being bullied by a group at school. We had tried Karate a few years ago but it had no real practical training. After talking to a friend, he suggested Krav Maga. I checked around and found TSF Self Defense Systems, I went in and was introduced to Geoff, I explained my son’s situation and was assured that after the first lesson he would know how to escape a grab. Well, after training with Geoff and the other instructors for about a month, my son’s inevitable meeting with the group of bullies happened at school during lunch, this was the culmination of being bullied during the entire school year. He was approached by the group, he knew what was coming, the ring leader approached him and he was hit by my son in the jaw, my son was grabbed from behind and his arms were held. He was able to dislocate the knee of the attacker holding his arms by kicking his knee until he fell, the bullies retreated and picked up there fallen friend. There was no more trouble after that. I believe that the training and positive reassurance gave my son the confidence he needed to deal with the bullies. I thank Geoff and the other instructors, it is a truly a great atmosphere and would hope other parents who are in the same situation would consider Krav Maga and TSF Self Defense Systems. Thanks guys."