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Real self defense for real people for real situations
Ideology & Instructors

TSF Self Defense Systems

Tsf Self Defense is a program designed for self-defense only. Our System is designed to teach civilian, military and law enforcement self-defense techniques that can save their lives during a real-life threatening attack/situation. We provide an in-depth focus on technique rather than fitness training, though you may attain a level of fitness/cardio training while learning and mastering our system.

TSF Self Defense Systems training programs are based on two fundamental principles:

1) Simplicity: The word "simplicity" means to execute the fastest and most instinctive defense to escape an attack/conflict. To keep it simple and instinctive, we do not teach ten different ways to stop an attack, but rather focus on many variations that "flow" together to train the brain to be able to react simply and effectively. In real life, everything is unpredictable, and you have to be well prepared to manage the situation.

2) Fluidity: We consider the possibilities that your attacker reacts against your first self-defense technique and that the dynamic of a fight/attack can transition quickly. We do not train as if your aggressor will be passive during your counterattacks, but train and prepare you for different reactions from your attacker. We stress timing and skill because knowledge of self-defense techniques without the ability to correctly apply them is useless and cannot save your life.

TSF Self Defense Systems Ideology

1) RESPECT- TSF Self Defense Systems respects all self-defense/martial art systems and all self-defense/martial arts instructors, but most of all respects and values our students. We encourage our students to ask questions about our techniques, and we are happy to give them clear and logical answers. Many times students are the best masters!

2) COLLABORATION-TSF Self Defense Systems is open to collaborating with any self-defense organization/association/federation in the world.

3) SKILLS- Our instructors have shown the determination and dedication needed to instruct our students properly. Instructors from other systems who would like to collaborate with us must demonstrate their skillset to guarantee a high level of quality.

4) INNOVATION- In real self-defense everything is relative, there is no such thing as the perfect technique! Our training system is in constant evolution. By combining several martial arts, we afford our student's self-defense training that is highly adaptable.